Pre-Ride Safety Checklist

We're thrilled to welcome you to the Meelod Bikes community! We strongly recommend going through our Pre-Ride Safety Checklist for a seamless, secure journey.

Guidelines for Your Inaugural Ride:

1. Ascertain that all assembly instructions pertaining to your bike have been meticulously followed.

2. Ensure your battery is fully charged.

3. Inspect the tire pressure.

4. Verify the functionality of your brake levers while pacing alongside your bike.

5. With the bike's power disconnected, execute a brief test ride to certify the correct assembly and operational status of the bike.

6. Opt for the ECO setting on the LCD panel to acclimatize yourself to the pedal-assist feature on the e-bike.

7. Be aware that your brakes necessitate a bedding-in process. (More information on this can be found here)

8. If anything peculiar or out of the ordinary catches your attention, cease operation and perform a thorough inspection of your bike.

9. For a more exhaustive understanding, please access our informative video by clicking here.