Recommendations for the Initial 100 Miles

As with any mechanical contraption, your e-bike goes through a break-in period. We suggest carrying out a review and tune-up after the first 100 miles to observe any changes and adjustments needed. This practice also allows you to understand how your cycling habits impact your e-bike's performance.

A standard multi-point safety inspection is typically priced between 30 and 75 USD at any local bike repair shop. This process involves an examination of several components by a professional mechanic. If you have prior experience with bikes or have a friend who is an avid cyclist, you can conduct these checks at home.
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Considerations for the Initial Mileage:

Frame Examination
Ensure the frame appears undamaged.

Front Fork
Ascertain there's no looseness between the front fork and the frame.Ensure the fork pivots freely and smoothly.

Confirm they are correctly aligned with the front tire.There should be no movement when you hold the front wheel between your legs and try to turn the handlebar.

The headset should be secured tightly.
Grips should be firmly fastened.
All handlebar add-ons should be securely tightened.

The seatpost should be firmly fixed.
The seat should be appropriately torqued on the seat post clamp.

All brake hardware should be secure and properly torqued.
The brakes should be functioning correctly.
Brake pads should wear uniformly.

Crank and PedalsShould spin freely.
Pedals should be tightly attached.
The shifter should operate smoothly in both directions.