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Not what I had

The pads were smaller ,ordered two only received one.

Great bike

Minor dints in fender and break disc when delivered, could blame that on FedEx, but over all great strong size bike! Comfortably fits 5’9/5’10 165 lbs woman. This bike would be a struggle to consistently bring up stairs, I believe it’s meant to stay outside in most scenarios.

Meelod XT600DL
Brad Ochampaugh
XT 600 dual motor

I did a lot of research on e-bikes before buying and decided to purchase the XT 600 DM and couldn’t be happier with the performance and stability at speed with the bike, the bike is very smooth and precision when applying power, I’ve been on numerous 30 plus mile rides in hilly terrain and the bike performed flawlessly. I do wish the display showed the motor wattage when in use? But other than that minor detail it’s a great bike with great pulling power!

Great bike

This bike is great for anyone looking to get into electric bikes, low seat height and smooth power makes this great for beginners, also the customer service is great.

Meelod DK300 PRO
Lindsey I
Great bike!

The bike has all the essentials and it’s made of great quality. My son has been on it nonstop since its arrival



Good Value

My 14 year old bought this with lawn mowing money and as an avid mountain biker who does all my own maintenance (and maintenance on the kids bikes and sometimes the neighbors' bikes) I was a little hesitant to allow him to buy it. It seemed like what he was buying was going to be too good to be true.

That said, Meelod seems to have put money into their bike where it needs to be, and saved money where they can. The frame is sturdy and the welds seem decent, but it is very heavy as a result. The compression adjustment knob on the fork has plenty of settings, is very smooth and works well, but it's a sprung fork so no adjusting air pressures to account for rider weight. The rear fork has an air valve...and a spring...which confuses me and we haven't figured that out yet. The brakes are hydraulic but single piston and smaller diameter rotors, yet it has plenty of stopping power. The rotors are slightly out of true, so there is some mild rubbing which would drive me nuts but doesn't seem to bother my son. The rear cassette is labeled Shimano, but Shimano has a *very* wide range of products so I'm going to guess this is from the lower end line. All that means is that the cassette is heavy for its size. The pedals are not good at all, but a lot of mountain bikes starting at this price point don't even come with pedals (most people bring their own) and so that's easy to address. Realistically my son isn't doing much pedaling anyway, so he's not too worried.

At this price point I was also vaguely expecting some assembly issues, but it came 90% assembled and seemed to be assembled well (I did a bolt check and everything was aligned and tight) and assembling the remaining items was easy. The instructions were not the best but I have dozens of years of experience working on bikes so I didn't need them as much. I think there is a risk that someone who has never assembled a bike may struggle - if that's you, you may want to consider paying to have your local bike shop finish the assembly, especially from a safety perspective. Having the front wheel come off or the handle bars shift at 25 mph would not end well.

Overall my son is very happy with his purchase, and I'm happy for him. Meelod seems to have struck a good balance between cost and value and if you're looking for an entry level class 2 e-bike capable of light off roading this is a good bike for that.

Meelod DK300 MAX
john creswell
Love the DK300MAX!!

I’m 6’1 , 220lbs, and this bike is perfect for me.

Meelod DK300 MAX
David Bobadilla
Game-Changer for Offroad Enthusiasts

The Meelod DK300max exceeded my expectations. The dual motor setup provides impressive power, and the fat tires offer excellent stability on rough terrain. It's a game-changer for offroad enthusiasts like myself!

Unbeatable Offroad Performance

Absolutely love my Meelod DK300max! The dual motors and fat tires make offriding a breeze. Plus, the dual batteries give me plenty of range for all-day adventures. Highly recommend!

High quality & light weight...... Great gift

Initial quality of water bottle rack looks great. Very light weight. Can't wait to install it on my brand new dk300 max when it is delivered to me. Will have to do an actual review on the the max with all accessories installed when everything is received. Thanks again meelod!!!

MEELOD Bike Water Bottle Rack

Dk300 plus

I think I made great choice ,great bang for the buck ,seems like it will last , time will tell

Trail Conqueror

The Meelod XT600DL is an absolute beast on the trails! The powerful motor and rugged design make it perfect for tackling even the toughest terrain. I've taken it on some seriously challenging rides, and it's handled everything with ease.

Off-Road Adventure Ready

The Meelod DK300 Max is my go-to choice for off-road adventures. The powerful motor and fat tires handle rough terrain like a dream, and the battery life is impressive. It's become my favorite way to explore the great outdoors.

Top-Notch Performance

I've been riding the XT600DL for a few months now, and it's been a blast. The build quality is top-notch, and I love the peace of mind that comes with the hydraulic disc brakes. Highly recommend this bike to anyone looking for a fun and reliable way to get around.

Meelod DK300 MAX
Erik Villa
Great Value, Excellent Service

Overall, I'm really happy with the DK300 Max. It's a great value for the price, and the customer service from Meelod has been excellent. My only complaint is that the seat could be a bit more comfortable, but that's easily fixable with a gel cover.

Converted Skeptic

I was skeptical about electric bikes at first, but the DK300 Max has completely won me over. It's so much fun to ride, and the battery life is impressive. Plus, the build quality feels really solid.

Trail Blazer

The Meelod DK300 Max is an absolute beast on trails! The fat tires provide amazing traction, and electric motor makes climbing hills a breeze. I've taken it on some seriously rough terrain, and it's handled everything like a champ.

Meelod DK300 PRO
Steven Rubio
Great Starter e-bike but arrived with damages

I would have given 5 stars but the bike arrived with damaged to the front fender and a bent rotor. Otherwise we are enjoying the bike

Love the bike ! Plenty of power ! It needs fenders

California Smoke

I am totally satisfied with everything from packaging to performance. This was my first ever e-bike so I didn't know what to expect, but I am content with this purchase.

Excellent, e bike

The bike is so well-made very sturdy excellent battery life looks good rides good love the bike

Michael Cambriage
Like this bike

I received the bike 3 days after placing the order, and I would say it is exactly as shown on the website, which is what I wanted. The customer service staff at meelod were also very nice and patiently answered all my questions.