Meelod-Premier in e-bike adventure, accessibility, and performance.

Meelod - Pursuing Freedom with Vintage Mountain E-Bikes

Meelod's story is fueled by a passion for nature and a fascination with vintage aesthetics. We are a brand specializing in vintage-style outdoor mountain electric bikes, dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts with the perfect companion for liberating adventures.

In the hustle and bustle of the city, we've noticed many people yearning to escape and reconnect with nature. Hence, we founded Meelod - a team full of passion and reverence for the great outdoors.

Meelod's electric bikes draw inspiration from vintage design while incorporating modern technology, allowing you to roam freely during mountain explorations. Whether you're climbing steep peaks or weaving through dense forests, Meelod's electric bikes offer powerful support, empowering you to forge ahead fearlessly.


We firmly believe that vintage aesthetics and outdoor exploration go hand in hand. Each ride represents a pursuit of freedom, embracing the marvels and serenity of nature.


So, come join us at Meelod – let's embark on a journey of pursuing freedom with vintage mountain e-bikes, resonating with nature in our hearts.