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Our distributors relish the blend of amicable and professional sales aid, exceptional profit margins, and a high-end product offering for their clientele. In addition, you'll have the freedom to customize your portfolio to guarantee optimum value to every visitor in your store. We invite you to take a moment and consider some perks of aligning with Meelod, as we eagerly anticipate our joint venture!

1.Streamlined Marketing Approach
2.Complimentary Delivery
3.Personalized Sales Assistance
4.Devoted Service Squadron

5.Visibility on
6.Accredited by TUV as per UL standards
7.Guarantee Labor Compensation
8.Attractive Profit Margins

Forming an Alliance With Meelod

Despite being a fresh brand, we're committed to a perpetual enhancement philosophy. If you harbor a proposal to catapult Meelod to new heights, we're all ears! Our search is focused on passion: for individuals, for bicycles, for what you genuinely love doing.
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Our Aspiration for Collaboration

Our momentum is derived from our ambition to endow everyone with the liberty of movement! It's this very mission that empowers us to assist our consumers, employees, and most notably, our distributors. Our distributors form the backbone of our growth trajectory, inspiring individuals daily to embrace the expanding electric bike community.

We're a cohort of zealous, eager, and inventive individuals. In return, we're in pursuit of equally fervent, ardent, and innovative distributors of all scales to augment our ever-expanding squad. Exhibit your vigor, match our rhythm, and collectively, we can effect a change.


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If you’re ready to get in on the action, join the movement, and change people’s lives for the better, let’s have a conversation. Please complete the form below or send email to: Our B2B Sales Team will contact you via telephone within 2-3 business days.